News 19 Jun 21

Denim Cox's Grime Bike Check

Denim Cox on location in Puerto Rico, look out for a video from the trip later this year. We sent him a new set up for the trip but FedEx lost 2 of the boxes and only the frame showed up. Check out these photos of his bike by Chris Mortenson...

Denim's BSD Grime Setup:

Frame : Dirtbag Blue Grime 21" frame
Bars : Flat black OS 1" Grime bars 9"
Grips : Surplus Green BSD Leezus Handles
Bar Ends : Black BSD PCP bar ends
Stem : Black 1" OS BSD Stacked stem
Headset : BSD Integrated headset
Forks  : Flat Black BSD Jonesin' Fork
Sprocket : Black BSD Guard Sprocket 25t
Cranks : Flat black BSD Substance XL cranks 165mm
Pedals : Odyssey OG PC pedals
Chain : BSD 1991 Halflink chain
Rear Hub : Black BSD Revolution freecoaster hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
Rear Tire : Black BSD Donnastreet tire 2.4″
Rear Rim : Black BSD Aero Pro rim
Front Hub : Black BSD Front Street Pro hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
Front Tire : Black BSD Donnasqueak tire 2.4″
Front Rim : Black BSD Aero Pro rim
Pegs : BSD Rude Tube XL
Seat : Black BSD Jonesin' seat
Seat Post : Black BSD Blitzed post


Grime frame Grime frame
in dirtbag blue in dirtbag blue
More Speed, Less Doubt In rust we trust!
BSD Revolution Hub

BAAAM, look at this grimes ass piece of BSD! As you can probably tell from the photos, she’s basically the same bike as my last one with the exception of the tennis ball I found in Chicago. Unfortunately FEDEX aka the devil of the shipping industry lost 2 frame boxes FULL of fresh parts, clothing, and stickers so I’ve been unable to freshen up the rest of my ride.

Denim's signature Grime bars
Denim's signature Grime bars
Jonesin' fat seat
Jonesin' fat seat
Stacked stem Stacked stem
Jonesin' fork Jonesin' fork
Guard sprocket Guard sprocket