News 21 Nov 22

Kriss Kyle Teal Colourway Bike Check

Winter's on the way, so its back to the indoor sessions for Kriss Kyle, and it's exciting to be back shooting a new BSD edit at Unit 23 with him. That made it a perfect opportunity for Kriss to set up a new bike, so we grabbed him for a bike check while he was out at his adopted second home filming.

With this setup Kriss has gone for his signature Freedom frame in flat raw and paired it with our new teal colourway XLT complete wheels and matching teal Passenger grips. You'll also notice Kriss is running a sample set of Donnastreet tires in teal to complete the look. Keep 'em peeled for those dropping early next year.

You can check out the teal parts we have available at the link below and read on for a closer look at Kriss' setup and what he has to say about his bike here...


" I decided to build up this sick raw Freedom piece as BSD are now doing the teal colourway and I thought it could work together. It was an instant hit with the raw and the teal. I knew it would look good from the picture I had in my head, but when I started building it up it really came to life. It’s another absolute banger of a build! The raw has always been one of my favourites. It’s a colour that I always seem to go back to every few years or so.

I’m also back on the Revolution hub after jumping back and forth from the cassette. I love riding both hubs, it just depends how I’m feeling at the time of the bike build. I’ve recently started filming a new BSD edit and I have a few ideas for the coaster that I’d like to try make happen so that's what I went with here. Keep your eyes peeled for next year!

Massive thanks to BSD for always cooking up my dream bikes! "


Kriss' Freedom Setup:

Frame : Flat raw 20.8" BSD Freedom frame
Bars : Black 9" BSD Freedom bars in 1" OS
Grips : Teal BSD Passenger grips
Bar Ends : Black BSD PCP bar ends
Stem : Black BSD 1" OS Stacked stem
Headset : BSD Highriser headset
Forks : Black BSD Acid Fork V2
Sprocket : Black 28 tooth BSD Superlite Sprocket
Cranks : Flat black BSD Substance XL V2 cranks 165mm
Pedals : Black BSD Jonesin' pedals
Chain : Black BSD 1991 halflink chain
Rear Hub : Black BSD Revolution Hub with Jersey Barrier hubguard
Rear Tire : Teal BSD Donnastreet tire 2.4″
Rear Rim : Teal BSD XLT rim
Front Hub : Black BSD Front Street Pro hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
Front Tire : Teal BSD Donnastreet tire 2.4″
Front Rim : Teal BSD XLT rim
Pegs : BSD Rude Tube XL LT V2 pegs
Seat : Black BSD slim Freedom seat
Seat Post : Black BSD Blitzed post
Teal Passenger Grips
Teal Passenger Grips
Freedom Bars
Freedom Bars
Freedom Bars
Freedom Bars
Black Acid ForksBlack Acid Forks
Kriss Kyle signature frame Kriss Kyle signature frame
in flat rawin flat raw
Invest cast wishbone
Invest cast wishbone
Invest cast gusset
Invest cast gusset

when I started building it up with the teal parts it really came to life...

Superlite Sprocket
Superlite Sprocket...
Superlite Sprocket 28 tooth.
Revolution hubRevolution hub
Front Street Pro hubFront Street Pro hub
2.42.4" Teal Donnastreets

raw is a colour that I always seem to go back to every few years...