Pro Team 14 Apr 22



Name: Kriss Kyle
D.O.B: March 25, 1992
Hometown: Stranraer, Scotland
Currently Resides: Helensburgh, Scotland
Riding Since: 2002 so 19 years!
Local Spot: Unit 23 Skatepark
Travel Destination: Hawaii and New York
Contest: To be honest, I’ve never been one for riding contests. I always get way too nervous and never really enjoy them. At the end of the day I ride my bike to enjoy it. I way prefer putting my time and effort into a video part. I get so much more out of that and enjoy every second along the way. Nothing beats watching back the final film after everything everyone has put into it.
Rider(s) & why: Brandon Semenuk, he’s pretty much a god on a bike! He can ride any bike with the sickest style! Dennis Enarson, I absolutely love his riding style as it’s big and burley! Mike Aitken, I’ve grow up looking up to this dude, there is no style like it and will never be! Chase Hawk, as he just makes everything look unreal!
Video Part & why: Any Dennis Enarson section as it’s always flat out and absolutely blows your mind but always gets me hyped to ride!
Sponsors: BSD, Red Bull, Endura, Specialized, Leighton Vans, All Mountain Style, Nevontaii
Bike Check: 2021 Freedom build
Get Connected: Instagram

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