Pro Team 14 Apr 22

Reed Stark


Name: Reed Stark
D.O.B: Oct 20, 1992
Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Currently Resides: 15 Passenger Van x Airbnb mobbing! Currently in New Orleans, Louisiana. Still have home base in Austin, Texas.
Riding Since: Age 9
Local Spot: Earth
Travel Destination: Space
Contest: Swampfest, Simple Session
Rider(s) & why: Denim Cox because he does everything I’m scared of!
Video Part & why: Ruben Alcantara in Etnies Forward because he did what no one else thought to in the steeziest manner.
Sponsors: BSD, Sweets Kendamas, Etnies, Rawr Superfoods, Plants Basically
Bike Check: 2021 BSD Safari Build
Get Connected: Instagram / Twitter / Youtube

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